Monday, June 26, 2017

Hedsor Jazz had a very enjoyable session last week with Frank Griffiths playing some wonderful music with our Hedsor Special rhythm section of Martin Hart, Ken McCarthy and John Monney, augmented again last week by guitarist John Coverdale. And as prophesied we did get some awful puns from Frank! The audience did start off a little on the thin side (numbers only, nothing personal!), and as Frank said, "we are now going to play "Tea for One", but, by mid session it had grown (just like in middle age!).

At the end of last weeks session we didn't have our guest musician arranged so it couldn't be announced, but I can now tell you that it will be saxophonist Kelvin Christiane (see this link for more info and some of his music) 

He was with us late last year, and it should be a really good session. 

We will have with us again Ken McCarthy on keyboard so do come along this Thursday and feast your ears on some lovely live music.

OK Glastonbury we ain't, but then, you can get very close to the musicians, and even get their autographs and you don't need a special pass to do it,

just £7!!

Clive may well be with us Thursday, however he is having his first new formula chemo today, so he may need the rest.

One piece of advance notice. On Thursday July 27th at Hedsor we are helping vibraphonist Alan Grahame celebrate his life in music, and we anticipate a very special gala evening. There will be a limit on the number of tickets to be sold for this gig as he is inviting many lifelong friends from the music business to join him and our Hedsor rhythm section to help him celebrate. So put July 27th in your diary now and when tickets are available (possibly by next week) make sure you buy yours asap!!

TTFN    Geoff C

Monday, June 19, 2017

Our sessions of past few weeks at Hedsor Jazz have been different from our normal sessions of the past 15 years.

We have always had guests, sometimes surprise guests, who have “sat in” on the night. For variety, we have always invited different musicians to join with our regular Clive Burton Quintet every now and again, but recently, due to Clive’s fight against Lymphatic cancer, our regular patterns have been disrupted in order to give Clive the time and space that he needs.

I personally think we have kept our music program at a very high standard and I hope we will be able to maintain that standard and that variety.

Last weeks session alone was worth our car park fee!! For your £7 entry Simon Spillett played some magnificent stuff. I for one, don’t take Simon coming to Hedsor for granted. He is a world class award winning player and a great friend to Hedsor Jazz. You will not get that kind of value, that quality and that consistency anywhere else and we Hedsor Jazz is STILL a regular weekly jazz venue.

There being a sort of law, often associated with clods of earth, that not only has Clive been less available, but our regular reed section has been unable to come during this same time period and indeed won’t be with us much again before September. But it has been Hedsor Jazz’s policy to always have at least a Quintet and it may be that this week we will again have the pleasure of guitarist John Coverdale  to help us in this aim.

As our main man this week we will have American saxophonist, now resident in the UK, Frank Griffiths. (He is also renowned as the teller of terrible jokes!). He is a great player though and well  well worth that £7 entry fee. He has also recorded recently with another of our previous guests, singer Tina May and he MAY (ouch, just practicing terrible jokes!) have a few of his CD’s with him, which I’m sure he will be able to pass into your hands for a small fee!

We have another change this week, and also for the next couple of weeks, in the form of Ken McCarthy. Ken was with us last week, and indeed often drops by to sit in. However our regular pianist, Nigel Fox, is taking a few weeks holiday to entertain his sister who is over from France and for the next three sessions at Hedsor Ken will be our pianist.

If all of these changes were not enough there is another change this week. The Red box will be run by ME!!

Do bear with us during our difficulties. DON’T take live jazz for granted, do please keep supporting it, not just at Hedsor. But if you want jazz to continue YOU must continue to be an audience, and SOMETIMES you might need to be asked to help with the chores as well.


Live stuff that took place long ago is still around to be listened to. In doing some research on the Lennie Best Quartet, who were regulars at The Bell in Maidenhead back in the 1970’s, I came across a link to some tremendous free to download recordings. Check the link below

So whether it’s the weather (too hot, too wet, too cold, or just British) keep listening and supporting our minority interest……JAZZ

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hedsor Jazz His Week

May NOT have the dramatic end result of a hung parliament. I know many of you did vote for Lester Brown and doing so you did have a great night out. Pity Mrs May wasn't with us this time! 

With two brass players in evidence I had to request "The St. James Infirmary Blues". They did well, Clive and Lester, but did not surpass my favourite version, that of Bruce Turner (the dirty bopper!) with Humphrey Lyttleton's band from the Conway Hall LP recorded on September 2nd 1954. This was such a favourite of mine that I wore out the first LP and purchased a second. I now have it on CD as well.
Even this CD is now 17 years old. Calliagraph CLGCD 038

I remember discussing with Humph some years after 1954 (at a Brecon Jazz Festival whilst he signed my copy of his latest LP with Buddy Tate) why he wasn't "now" using CD's. He said he wasn't sure if the technology would last. Well, it might not be the only music technology around, but it has lasted, and I for one am glad that much of H. Lyttletons output is now on CD.

The last 2 weeks of innovative jazz at Hedsor has had some of it recorded on my mobile phone. Yes really new technology! If you would like to hear some or all of the last 2 weeks music again I am making the recordings available via BlogSpot and mp3. They are in mono (well it was my mobile phone!), but will bring you much of the feel of those 2 nights. Sadly the Lester Brown session I only recorded the second set. Look for the links at the bottom of this blog page. I will leave them available for one month, so if you want the recordings get downloading now.

Now THIS week (Thursday June 15th) we have another treat. A man making a name for himself as an author, jazz reviewer, and most importantly of all as a jazz saxophonist. A great friend to Hedsor jazz Simon Spillett will be with us again. This one you will have to hear live because I wont be recording it (he has a contract!). So if you want to hear it you will have to be there, helping to keep live jazz alive.

No matter how good the great recordings of the past have been, or how often you can listen to them again and be transported back to, well 1954, NOTHING is as good as experiencing the music as it is created!

And for our entry fee of £7, which includes car parking and a raffle ticket too, that is a steal. We are TOO generous.

You COULD pay more!

The link to my DropBox recordings made at Hedsor is

Dont forget, this link is only available for 1 month.

Monday, June 05, 2017


As we all know a significant event is coming this Thursday. 
It's ANOTHER chance to VOTE, perhaps with your feet!! 

You will be accompanied to and from your booth of choice by 

The Clive Burton Quartet

The previous 15 years of the Clive Burton administration has been one of outstanding achievement. Hedsor Jazz's financial record is also one of outstanding generosity. 
Last week alone we donated £300 to Cancer Research UK. 

AND we have continued to bring great music and musicians to YOUR local musical amenity EVERY WEEK !!

We need you to vote this week and every week for 

This is not a party political communication. 
Its a PARTY communication! Come to OURS!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Good Morning Jazz fans,

and Hedsor Jazz fans in particular.

For a variety of reasons, Hedsor Jazz is going through a difficult patch a the moment. As you know Clive Burton, our renowned trombone playing leader is finding it sometimes a bit difficult dealing with the effects and after effects of his cancer treatment. Those who were with us last Thursday will know that Clive made a brave attempt to be his usual self, but at half time had to travel home. He did get home safely, and is slowly beginning to realise that chemo therapy is a bit stronger than he thought!

I thought that the band coped very well with his difficulties, and with any difficulties of their own once he had left them to it in the second set. 

Thanks are especially due to Robert Goodhew on tenor sax and John Coverdale on guitar. It was great to see (and hear) how they all played as though they had been playing together for years. I especially like the way they all insisted on giving John Monney such a run (space?) on his bass guitar for an extended solo! He really did have to cry "enough".

This Thursday, June 1st, we have another very special treat. 

I know we shouldn't, but when you see and hear a musician almost every week you tend to take their talent for granted. For the last few weeks we haven't had the pleasure of our usual reed section, Mike Wills, as he hasn't been able to drive to us from Oxford. This week he is being brought back to us by another superb musician, guitarist Jezz Cook. I'm sure you will all be pleased to welcome them both to Hedsor Jazz this week. For a short period of my promotional career I used to run an evening once a month concentrating on the guitar in jazz. This month we will have had the pleasure of 3 great jazz guitarists in a row. All with a different approach, but all great players. 
Jezz Cook

So do lend your support to Hedsor Jazz. Tell your friends about us. Persuade them to come, and they will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the music we put on at the Hedsor Social Club EVERY Thursday

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

THURSDAY 25th May 2017 UPDATE 

I am pleased to tell you all that in addition to Robert Goodhew, tomorrow we will have with us anther friend of Hedsor Jazz, guitarist John Coverdale.
Do let your friends know (that is if you still have any!), it promises to be a great evening of improvised jazz.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Jazz Past and Jazz Future

To start this week I must reflect on last Thursdays Cancer Research "Special".

I was surprised that despite having a column in the Bourne End section of the Maidenhead Advertiser, we had a lower attendance than normal for our Buffet functions. I don't understand why. Our guests, Vasilis Xenopoulos and Nigel Price are famous and accomplished jazz musicians, and our regular band are no slouches either. The food was and always is abundant, and definitely it was a gig worth £12. So, I was disappointed with the result. HOWEVER, we can still donate to Cancer Research UK £300.

Those who did come (thank you) had an evening of exceptional jazz. Jazz of the very highest quality. Nigel and Vasilis have played together now for a number of years and have a close understanding of each others work. The result is exceptional music. One of our regular customers, a musician himself, emailed next day to say that after hearing Nigel, he was going to put all his guitars together and set fire to them! Please don't, just keep going. If you aim for the stars you wont get here. But you will fall to earth a lot further on than where you started from!

Thank you to all who helped out on the night. Jan especially for the food, and Michael and Helen for their help on the door and in setting out the tables beforehand. Actually, they help at Hedsor in so many ways they both deserve a medal.

Jazz Future

This coming Thursday (May 25th) we have as our front line guest that melodic young saxophone player Robert Goodhew. Robert has been with us a number of times and is always a good listen.

A guest in the back row this week will be drummer Mike Jeffries. He needs no introduction and is really a part of the regular band, except we cant have two drummers!

We do have another gala night coming up this year, and yes, it will be to celebrate a birthday. BUT IT WONT BE MINE!!

Vibraphonist Alan Grahame is celebrating his significant birthday event with us on July 27th. Put it in your diary now. It will be a very special evening.

Monday, May 15, 2017

This week, a blog full of anticipation!

Because THIS THURSDAY we have our Cancer Research fundraising evening, where all and any profit from the evening goes to Cancer Research UK. We have (of course you know this already) two splendid special guests who are both firm favourites at Hedsor Jazz, either together, as they will be on Thursday, or separately as they have been many times in the past. Our guests are of course Nigel Price and Vasilis Xenopoulos. They will be backed by The Clive Burton Quintet. 

The evening starts at 8pm to give you all time to eat the buffet that will be served up at half time, which is all inclusive of your ticket price of £12. 

Now, I do hope you have got your ticket already, because this time we have had some splendid coverage in The Maidenhead Advertiser:-
So Perhaps we will have a capacity crowd this year.

As most of you know, I was away last week in Norfolk, but I do know that last weeks session with Stuart Henderson went very well, with Clive in good form despite only having received his chemo treatment the day before. 
I was even sent a photo of Stuart in full cry! (via Geoff Swaffield)

So this Thursday, bring your ticket and your appetite for all things jazz. See you there!

Monday, May 08, 2017

A Brief Blog this week, as I'm off to Wild West Norfolk and will therefore not be with you on Thursday May 11th.

First please give a thought to Clive this week as he goes for his third round of chemotherapy on Wednesday . It will be good if he can get to Hedsor on Thursday, even if he can only tell us more about his first wife!

Musically Thursday will be a good enjoyable session anyway as our guest this week is trumpet and flugle horn player Stuart Henderson. 
Stuart Henderson

Stuart is another great friend of Hedsor Jazz, and if you have managed to miss him in the last 5 or so years....HOW? Catch up this week! No, not "Some Other Time", THIS WEEK!

Another great gig coming up on Saturday 13th May is one of the gigs in The Woodley Theatre run by our regular drummer Martin Hart. His guest will be the lovely Scottish saxophonist Jo Fooks. Once part of the Humphrey Lyttleton Band Jo has recently been seriously ill and unable to play for a couple of years. I am only sorry that family matters will not allow me to be there, but perhaps you can go in my place. She is a lovely sensitive player. 
Jo Fooks

Check out 
Woodley Theatre Box Office
Telephone: 07939 210121

Coming very soon to Hedsor on May 18th is our Cancer Research UK fundraiser, with Vasilis Xenopoulos and Nigel Price, backed by our regular Quintet, and possibly a few others. Tickets this week from Helen at the Red Box, or from the Stationery Depot in Cookham (as it says on the poster)! There will be food at half time, and don't forget that to accommodate the chewing time the evening starts at 8pm.

Vasilis and Nigel 

Finally for this week another date for your diary. 
On June 1st we will have a return (for one night only) of Mike Wills! He is being brought from Oxford by our guest for the evening, guitarist Jezz Cook. Well worth making the date in your diary one with red letters!
Jezz Cook

Monday, May 01, 2017


So it will be short and hopefully informative even if not entertaining!! (Yes, I have had criticism!).

This coming Thursday in the place of Mike Wills, who at the moment is unable to drive over from Oxford due to a health issue, we have a return visit from a very fine saxophonist and flautist, Kelvin Christiane. 
Kelvin at Hedsor last year

The rhythm section should be our standard line up (referred to last week by Tracey Mendham as "what a band"). Hopefully Clive will be well enough to be with us, but if he doesn't feel able on the day then we await his replacement with eager anticipation! Obviously his Chemo treatment does sometimes leave him feeling a bit "tired".

This is a good lead into a plug for our Cancer Research Fundraising Show on May 18th. A great night of jazz which I hope will raise a good sum of money for Cancer Research UK. We hope to have with us some of the staff from the CRUK Shop in Maidenhead to assist in your knowledge of their work. The poster is below. A PDF copy of it for you to print can be found in my DropBox folder:-

Do print some off if you have the facility, and place where others can see it.
Tickets are available from me on a Thursday, or from the shop in Cookham.

That's it from me for now, enjoy your holiday from the banks!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

News of Hedsor Jazz

I always seem to be running a day late these days, where does the time go?

This week we have an exciting guest, Tracey Mendham, the lady saxophonist with the big toned tenor (and laugh)! We hope to have Clive with us again, and we also hope to be able to use our new-to-us Peavey PA system, which I though sounded pretty good last week.

Sadly, the person who wont be with us for the next few weeks is our regular reed player Mike Wills. Unless he gets a lift, he can’t get to us as he now has to stop driving for 3 months as his pacemaker was shown to have kicked in, something he was unaware of as it happened in his sleep some week ago. A recent check has shown it up. I know that Mike is pretty fed up about this, and I’m sure he would appreciate your good wishes.

The gap made by our missing saxophonist will, I’m sure, be filled by others, and we look forward with eager anticipation to a jazz variety in the next few weeks.

However, one firm booking for all of us is our Cancer Research Fundraising evening on May 18th. Two of the best musicians in their class will be together for us. Vasilis Xenopoulos on saxophones and Nigel Price on guitar. You know my view of both. I think they are world class jazz musicians and I am delighted they will be with us, helping us to raise money for research into an illness that has caused so many to suffer. The Clive Burton Quintet has had its fair share of casualties from it, and still does.

The evening starts at 8pm, will cost you £12 to get in, and there will be a light buffet for you to fraternise over included in this price.

Tell your friends, buy your tickets, either from me of Cookham’s Stationery Depot. 
Pre-buying helps us with our catering requirements, so do give it a thought.

One last comment. You will be pleased to know that Dee, our keeper of the red box, is now back at home, having had her knee op. She is feeling sore, but is glad it’s been done.

Enough for now, see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday, 19 April 2017      Todays Blog

About tomorrows Hedsor Jazz!

There is a saying that “Rubbish In means Rubbish Out”, and so it was for my last week blog edition.

Those of you who came will have noticed that we didn’t have Ken McCarthy as a deputy pianist, because Nigel Fox WAS there. I had been incorrectly informed 3 weeks ago about who was or wasn’t playing last week.

THIS WEEK I can be sure that Nigel IS away in France, and that Ken McCarthy will be playing at Hedsor! ALSO we have as a guest (who must by now have frequent traveller points for his trips to Hedsor) on drums Mike Jeffries. The person who does have without doubt frequent traveller points is Martin Hart, who is away travelling!

This week we anticipate Clive being with us alongside Mike Wills who is back! Clive is actually having his second round of Chemo TODAY, so there is a possibility that he may be a little frail and we might have a surprise extra guest. We may also have Jazz Angels new (to us) PA system!

YOU can find out by actually coming and supporting Live Jazz at The Hedsor Social Club!!

I have enjoyed some not so live jazz by listening to both LP’s (Yes a new Audio Technica cartridge has been installed in my Technics SL1700 turntable during the Easter Break), and CD’s.

The CD set that I want to draw your attention to this week contains music that was ALL released on black plastic disks. Actually some of it was released on round shellac disks too!!

What I have been playing is a Proper Box set of the jazz that writer, poet and critic Phillip Larkin used to love. He started collecting records in 1936, so 3 minutes listening before turning the record over would have been his norm. It is an excellent collection of music recorded from the 1920’s right up to 1959. It has some absolute gems on it. Who can forget Earl Bostic and “Flamingo” (1951) or Duke Ellington at Newport in 1956. The collection also includes a superb 12-minute track from an Eddie Condon Jam Session in 1954.

This 4 CD set, with an excellent booklet, starts off with music from 1928 by Louis Armstrong and His Hot 5. All of the recordings in this box set have been remastered with great care, and I can recommend it without any hesitation! “Larkins Jazz” is on ProperBox 155.

Phillip Larkin (who died in 1985) didn’t just sit indoors and listen to music on his gramophone. In an interview with “The Guardian” in 1965, He said “I can live a week without poetry but not a day without jazz”.

He did go out to find it live, as you can too.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Good Morning England,

Just a VERY quick blog today.

Do enjoy your Easter Break. Tomorrow, our Maundy Thursday pre holiday treat will have Max Britain alongside Clive. It will be good to have Max back with us again.

The last time Max came to Hedsor a number of us were away on Portland for Ken Rankine’s funeral, so it will be good to listen to him again.

Nigel Fox is taking a short break to be with his sister in France, and as last week, we will again have Ken McCarthy on the piano stool.

What a privilege Hedsor Jazz has to have such a fine array of musicians who often come at short notice to make up Clive Burton’s Quintet. We have to thank Ken for last week, and of course Simon Spillett, a great friend to Hedsor Jazz. I did like his story about people who come to jazz events who know nothing about jazz!! Normally they would be very welcome, but if they happen to be the Rhythm Section, maybe not!

Yes, Clive will be with us again. He has been reassessed after his first Chemo, and all is looking very positive. It is hopeful that he wont suffer too much after his next Chemo as he responded so well from his first. However, Jazz Angels have purchased it’s own PA system (a Peavey Escort), which should be with us soon. This will save Clive lugging his PA system about every time he comes, and of course, gives Hedsor Jazz a PA system no matter who comes!! That doesn’t mean that you can’t come. We need you to be the P in PA!

Next week we should have Mike Wills back with us, and the week after, wait for it (it isn’t Halloween is it?), Tracey Mendham. A great tenor sax player and a great character to boot.

Coming next month is our cancer research UK fund raising night, May 18th. Be sure to come, you don’t want to miss Vasilis Xenopoulos and Nigel Price together with us at Hedsor Again DO YOU!! Maybe, just maybe, they will play “The One Note Samba” again!

One final note! Our deepest sympathy goes out to Gill Jones who lost his wife Stella to cancer just over a week ago. Gill had “gone out” with Stella since they were 14 years old, and they had been married for 62 years. I am glad that he felt able to be with us at Hedsor last week. I know that at times like these one needs the warmth of friends with a common interest.

Happy Easter, and mind out for those chocolate Easter Eggs, they can bite back! 

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The blog this week is slightly truncated, 

my main objective is to get you to look, and then print and PUBLISH a summery of what we have coming up in the next few weeks. 

I have produced a poster, reproduced below, which you can print by downloading a PDF file from my DropBox account. 

Please do this, and persuade all your friends, family and neighbours to make the Hedsor Social Club jazz night on THURSDAYS, their regular residence!!

The link to the PDF file is

Those of you who have keen eyesight will see that we have internationally renowned saxophonist and author Simon Spillett coming this week. We hope to have Clive alongside him, and we hope to have Clive's PA system with us as well. In order to take the strain off of Clive, Jazz Angels is in process of purchasing our own PA system for all our musicians to use at Hedsor. 

The Jazz Angels Logo

For those of you who don't know, Jazz Angels is a support group for jazz in and around South Bucks, mainly for Hedsor Jazz, but the fund has supported other local jazz events in the past. If you would like to be associated with this support do contact it's treasurer Mr John Dutton.

Clive with Vasilis and Nigel at a Cookham Festival some years ago
It was really good to see Clive playing last week and feeling reasonably well too. He has only just started on his Chemo treatment, but already his goitre has shrunk in a manner that Clive himself has called a miracle. 

Do come and support Live Jazz, and its continuance with such quality at 
Hedsor Jazz

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Blog this week, unlike last weeks edition, can starts with good news.

Clive has had one long day of Chemotherapy (last Friday) and is feeling fine AND his goitre has already shrunk!

He is obviously taking each day as it comes, but so far so good, and he hopes to be with us at Hedsor tomorrow, which will therefore be a regular band session.

There is a non Hedsor Jazz event coming up next Tuesday, but one that does have some of our regular Hedsor guys playing on it.

At The Bourne End Community Centre on Tuesday 4th April the band “Why Us” will perform from 8pm. The band contains it’s founder member John Monney and also Hedsor’s regular saxophone section Mike Wills. I am assured they will play material, which is “to be a bit different from the usual swing material”.

Our regular guardian of the Red box (Dee) will be away for a while as she is having an op on her knee. In her place for a week or so will be either John Dutton (Jazz Angels treasurer) or Helen Weinblatt (by volunteering she becomes a Jazz Angel treasure!). No matter who takes your money, please still turn out to support live jazz. At just £7 with the bonus of free parking and a raffle ticket it’s the best value live gig around.

Now for a long missing CD Review!!

When Traditional Jazz is talked about in the UK one thinks of the kind of music that was performed by “Ball, Barber and Bilk” with perhaps Ken Colyer thrown in for good measure. Those of us who lived through the late 50’s and early 60’s will recall trumpet, trombone and clarinet, with a banjo somewhere lurking behind them. However, this is NOT the only concept of how to play jazz in a traditional manner. In those days a tenor or alto sax would gain you a banner telling you to “Go Home”!! However, coming out of New York comes a band with terrific musicality called “The Hot Sardines” ( This is a band with terrific panache and a Tenor Sax, a Lady Singer, a valve trombone, and a guitar, etc. I now have two of their CD’s. The first to come was simply called “The Hot Sardines” and has a mix of instruments and tunes that just entrances. I repeat myself, but they are all dam good at playing, have a sense of humour, (but NOT in the “Spike Jones City Slicker” form) and play a wide choice of tune. The first album had “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen”, “Petite Fleur” (with vocal!) and “Your Feet’s Too Big”.

The second album is called “French Fries + Champage” and has an equally eclectic choice of material, including “Running Wild” and “Until the Real Thing Comes Along”!

Both albums are on the Decca label and more info can be had from their website (above).

For a bit of real joy do look them up. It’s Trad, but not as we know it!

Geoff C

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tracey Mendham 

I can now confirm that Tracey will be coming to us on April 27th

For those of you who may have taken an Easter break you will now be home in time to come to her gig AT THE HEDSOR SOCIAL CLUB!. Make sure you put it in your diary now.

Tracey at Hedsor with Mike Wills in August 2016

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hedsor’s Jazz News this week has a degree of bad news. Our leader on trombone since the turn of the century will now have to have a few weeks of Chemotherapy. Clive has a lymphatic cancer (non-Hodgkin lymphoma).

He still wants to come and be the “leader of the band” when he can, but often he will not feel well enough, and may well not be able to come even when he has committed to coming. So our regular Thursday night session will be a little different. We will of course continue with them, and always with first class players, but sometimes we wont be able to tell you who will be there in front of our regular rhythm section. Mike Wills will be available most (but not all) weeks.

We will keep to our commitment to run a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK , with even more emphasis perhaps, on May 18th. The great news is that we have JUST BOOKED Nigel Price for this.

Our advertised evening (April 13th) with Tracey Mendham has also got to be rearranged as she has now been asked to play on a gig that will earn her 6 times what we can pay, so we will be getting her later in the month/year.

It is often the case that you don’t realise how much someone contributes to what we enjoy that we don’t know about. Clive has been bringing the PA every week and the raffle prizes (OK I know we all make a contribution, but he has always got a bag full of goodies ready for distribution) and although guest musicians are suggested to him, he is the one to books them. So some adjustments will have to be made. BUT we do always want Clive to feel able to come whenever he feels he can. Therefore our plans may be more fluid than usual.

I do hope you will bear with us during this period of Clive’s treatment. We may be able to put on some more varied music than is usual but we will not loose sight of the fact that Hedsor Jazz, no matter who or what individuals contribute towards it, is Clive’s gig. He will be with us tomorrow night.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Good Morning All,

I just thought it appropriate this morning to write  to say "thank you" to all who came last night for a memorable evening of jazz. 

Thank you first to all of the performers. The music was often unbelievably good. "Mercy Mercy Mercy" stands out. A feature for Kevin Armstrong, I thought it brought out the very best of our rhythm section as well. Our regular reed man Mike Wills was also exceptional on more than one tune!

Alison Bentley I know delighted the audience. Starting the evening off with the once banned song "Love for Sale" was not one for any blushing violets!! After that her confidence just grew!

Thank you too for all who donated raffle prizes in response to my plea after Clive had taken the raffle bag home last week. There were over 10 donated gifts for the raffle, well done everyone.

Thank you also to Geoff Swaffield who took the photos  (below) of the evening on his iPhone. I wish I could afford one!!

No, I didn't record the evening. Perhaps that was an error on my part!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hedsor Jazz this week has 2 special guests coming to play alongside Mike Wills, (our remarkable sax section) and with our regular rhythm section.

Clive Burton is away, and in his place we have singer Alison Bentley and guitarist Kevin Armstrong.

Both have musical credits as long as your arm, do go online and read more about both

So Thursday will be a really interesting evening. Tell your friends, and try to coerce them into actually coming out to hear real live music of an extremely high quality. So often individual musical experience is gained by listening to Radio 3 (or 1, or 2, or …….) but at Hedsor Social Club on a Thursday you can hear live music and actually talk to living musicians as you buy them that revitalising liquid from the bar at half time. Try doing that during “Jazz Record Requests”!

Every week we have excellent music for you to experience. Do take time to follow the link to my DropBox folder for last weeks “ordinary” evening!

We have plans into the future. On April 13th (Maundy Thursday) we have that character musician extraordinaire Tracey Mendham coming to play her tenor sax for us. We had booked her for her birthday (the week before) but so had someone else, and so we have her a week later than previously advertised. Do put that in your diary, as yet again a unique musical experience will be there to be had at “The Hedsor Social Club”. She may also come as a surprise to at least one of the Clive Burton Quintet!

Also being planned is another Cancer Research fundraising evening on May18th. We are sorting out our guest and theme as I write ready for another bonanza evening. So again enter that date into your diary no matter what form the diary takes! Once upon a time, one could say “put that in your diary and smoke it”. Now you may well have very expensive and combustible plastic if you do!

For this week one final word (or two) from a lady who used to be a regular at Hedsor Jazz and many other jazz venues, before she migrated to Spain. Wendy writes, “I hope 2017 will be a better one for you and also all the others who have not been well. Walking is a great easy exercise – may I suggest nice brisk walks to the pub. I do so miss the medicinal English real ale”

That real ale is available at Heddsor Jazz alongside real music!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Those of you who were there last Thursday will know that I was recording the evening, a session without any guests, just the Quintet.

They played very well, and if you would like to listen (again if you were there) download the information from my DropBox folder by following the link below. You will find 12 tracks which will give you a CD length of music, and a pdf file for you to create a CD cover.

If you don’t get to Hedsor Jazz very often maybe this will give you some encouragement to come!

TTFN   Geoff C

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Not a full blog as there is little to report. Our regular band will perform at it’s regular place and time on Thursday.

We have one deletion to mention. The saxophone rehearsal group will NOT now be coming to try their skill against our rhythm section on March 30th. We have left our offer open to them when they feel they might like to try at some future date.

Don’t forget that on March 16th we still have Alison Bentley and Kevin Armstrong to look forward to. Clive will be away, but our saxophone section will be bringing our guests with him all the way from Oxford. Do look them both up on my links from last week and on YouTube.

Soon, I hope to review some more jazz recordings. This past week I have installed into my listening room a Sony DAB tuner, and the sound quality is superb. So CD listening has been curtailed!

One final point. Wasn't Rory our dep pianist last week terrific! Well I thought so! 

However the reason we had him was in fact a sad one, and as it was Nigel Fox's brother in law who's funeral he had to depart for, we must offer him and presumably Ingrid too, our condolences.


Geoff C

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Further to yesterdays posting, we will be getting a guest pianist tomorrow as Nigel Fox is having to travel for a relatives funeral. 

In his place will be Rory McInroy, a good friend of Mike Wills. Will get you to his website for more info.

Rory has been to Hedsor once before. If you missed him last time, tomorrow is your chance to see and hear him.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hedsor Jazz

Our band will be as normal (as the band can be) on Thursday. The Clive Burton Quintet are never boring, sometimes I am astounded by how good they are and just how lucky we all are in being able to listen to such quality jazz every week. But variety is the spice of life and we do have a number of "different" events coming up soon.

In March, on 16th we have singer Alison Bentley coming with guitarist Kevin Armstrong. I may have got the date wrong last week, but it will be 16th March

Clive might be doing the community a service that day, so Mike Wills, our sax section, will be coming with them, as they all come from around the Oxford area. Do look at both guests web sites. It will be well worth your while making sure you can come that night.

On March 30th we still anticipate having a saxophone rehearsal group joining our regular rhythm section for the first half of the evening, followed by our regular quintet for the second half. This should be an evening with a real difference. It is good for Hedsor Jazz to be able to support aspiring musicians in their performance aspiration!

Someone who doesn’t need a performing nudge up the aspirational tree is Tracey Mendham. She has asked to come and celebrate her birthday with us on April 6th. So here is another entry for you to pencil in your diary (OK, it might not be pencil to paper in these days of electronic diaries).

Finally we are planning another special evening as a money raiser for Cancer Research UK. Put May 18th in your diary now. We are trying to recruit at least one special guest, watch this blog.

That’s about it for this Tuesday, maybe more news later.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

An early in the week blog

As later this week I have to go to a funeral of someone who died one month short of 106! Winchester Wednesday, then Southampton Thursday visiting a student granddaughter!

So, all I can tell you at the moment for this week is that there will be jazz at the Hedsor social Club, and I think this week it will be our regular Clive Burton Quintet. The usual rules apply. Music from 8.30 pm, entry £7 each, raffle ticket included.

Last weeks session was blisteringly good, so do turn out and help keep live jazz alive. Live local jazz venues are getting fewer and further between. It is in your hands to keep Hedsor and its jazz going.

A little further ahead we are currently finalising a gig for March 30th for Hedsor that will see a saxophone rehearsal band joining our rhythm section for the first set of the evening. It’s a bit of an experiment, and should extend the experience of the saxophone group AND the audience! Put the date in your diary NOW.

Then slightly further ahead on April 6th we have a return visit from that exuberant lady saxophonist Tracey Mendham. Tracey has asked especially to come that day as it is her birthday. I’m sure our regulars at Hedsor will help her celebrate it in real style!

I have been reminded this week of gigs long ago that used to take place at a pub in Bourne End called “The Firefly”. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s this was THE place to go every other Tuesday to hear the best of not only British jazzmen, but American stars as well. No, jazz isn’t there anymore, and neither is the pub, BUT a ghost of jazz at “The Firefly” can be found at Marlow’s British Legion Hall every month. There is a common link between the two, both had/have the organising ability of Michael Eagleton. He has kindly given me a recording made at The Firefly of Peter King with the Tony Lee Trio in 1982, hence the nostalgia.

Michael often does joint collaborations with Christ Church URC in Marlow, and the next one, on March 21st will have American singer Marlene Verplanck with a British rhythm section of John Pearce on piano, Bobby Worth on drums and Paul Morgan on bass. Tickets £10, start time 8.30 pm.

More nostalgia can be had this coming Friday at Cookham Rise Methodist Church. A concert of Big Band music from the 40’s and 50’s is being performed by the Echoes of Swing Big Band. Tickets are £10 each, and the music starts at 8 pm.

Perhaps all this jazz in churches is a further active comment on the article I reproduced in this blog the other week about last September’s Jazz Concert at Cores End URC in Bourne End. If you haven't read  it yet, just turn back the pages!


Geoff C